The Jimmy Garoppolo conspiracy theory.

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The Jimmy Garoppolo conspiracy theory.

Post by Reservoir_Dog »

I'm not buying it.

Last year Jimmy G stepped in as the 49er's starting QB and won their final 5 games. The 49er's were 1-10 when he took over and finished the season 6-10. And everyone lost their minds and started calling him the second coming of Tom Brady.

But hold on a minute. Just wait a second. Let's take a closer look at those 5 games ....

- He beat the woeful 3-8 Chicago Bears by 1 point in a low scoring game. *yawn*

- He beat the reeling 4-8 Deshaun Watsonless Houston Texans who were forced to start T.J. Yates at QB.

- He beat the 8-5 Tennessee Titans with Marcus Mariota playing with a bum leg.

- He beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Okay, I'll give him that one. That was a really good game.

- He beat the Los Angeles Rams in a completely meaningless week 17 game where the Rams only played their starters for the 1st quarter and they started Sean Mannion at QB.

Colour me not convinced.
I'm already starting to see articles on the sports sites about how Super Jimmy G is going to take the 49er's to the playoffs. Really? The Cleveland Browns could have won 3 of those games!

I've looked at their schedule for this year. If they're better than 5-5 going into their week 11 bye I'll be shocked.
Jimmy G might be a really good QB ... but it's not like the 49er's did anything in the off season to fix that 25th ranked defense. And they have no running game to speak of. And their #1 receiver is 31 year old Pierre Garcon (enough said).

I'm not buying the hype. But good on Jimmy G for cashing in YUGE!

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Re: The Jimmy Garoppolo conspiracy theory.

Post by callmeslick »

nothing to dispute in that rant, and I'll point out that they WILL likely outperform the Redskins, so Niners fans have THAT to look forward to.
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